Stroodles Grootverbruik / Horeca

A sturdy straw made from Pasta! Stroodles are made from just 2 ingredients; durum semolina and water. Does not become weak during the duration of about 1 or 2 drinks.


Contents: approx. 1125 pieces, firmly packed!
Length: 23 - 25 cm
Width: approx. 7.5 mm
Thickness: approx. 1 mm

These Stroodle straws are ideal for soft drinks, cocktails, smoothies, fruit juices, milkshakes and all other cold drinks you can think of (not suitable for hot drinks! !)

For large orders mail to for competitive wholesale or resale prices.

Contains gluten, not suitable for people with a gluten allergy.

Wholesale prices include 9% VAT and are delivered carriage paid .

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Een man is rietjes van pasta aan het maken om plasticvervuiling tegen te gaanen laat hiermee zien dat we niet allemaal de hoop om het milieu te redden hebben opgegeven.


- Lad Bible

Oktober 2019